At the Lola Institute, the basic activities in the Robotics Department are related to research and development of robot controllers, industrial robot language L-IRL and CNC systems for machine tool control. L-IRL is an acronym for Lola – Industrial Robot Language and it belongs to the class of structured type and higher level programming languages. As such, it enables programming of the complex robotic operations including cooperative tasks of two or more robots. Robot controllers developed at the Lola Institute have the ability to control devices for pilots training and dynamic flight simulation of modern combat aircrafts.

3D virtual models of robots, machine tools and mentioned devices for pilots training have been developing as well. The main aims are to simulate their motions during off-line phase and to monitor their motions during on-line phase. Programming system enables programming of machine tools using G and M instructions also. Simulation of machining through configured virtual machines including kinematics and dynamics are supported as well.

Development of robot and machine tool control systems includes tools, operating system and hardware based on the open architecture. These control systems, which are reconfigurable and PC based, are used in the laboratory at the Lola Institute for control of 6-axis industrial robots Lola 15 and Lola 50, 2-axis robotic car, 5-axis machine tool and manipulators for pilots training: 3 DoF centrifuge and 4 DoF spatial disorientation trainer.

Robotics Division of Lola Institute comprises research in the following fields: